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sounding things and thinging sounds so words and meaning go kerplunk like soft percussion like Joycean experimentalist Nuyorican performance like poet like New York School-style emoter and graphic concrete poet like elaborate poetic hybrids abound transcending convention like consciousness of talking heads undoing what doers have done like chasers chasing away bitter tastes of poisoned language quirky confabulissimo verbalocious gymngnostics from the Lower East Side like Latino Elasticman on random selection mode anthropo-morphing neologistic sputterings something provacative and poignant on-stage psychotic kinesis digging through society's collective tyrano-thesaurus-hex by way-gone pata-onomatopoetic tongues to lull with lilt and love to evoke tangible objects and what lies embedded within to answer the so-called necessity of blurbification to rejoice in the contradictions that are poetry AND the world morphing cerebrum-based alchemies at the moment of creation sound, vision, experience meaning is where you find it, where you let yourself find it