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disappear in a blue grey edge
climb side by sides light disappears the line
wave by wave horizon white
grey by grey blue sand
in the shad-sleep had sleeped-doe

visit me by dark shaped light
the white on and on disappear on water grey white
under here years light, years
ever hear the night?

sketching a line
to me and to what I see?

and it's where I think the edge should be
but here in the night
it's hard to tell, in the white, mosquitos bite, lazy bites, disappear
in the white lazy

a full pitch of black
above me is all around in front of me
drawn by dark I remain
motionless, and let the moon find me

I shut my eyes, open them, briefly
shut again, mimicing the cycle of waves
along the shore

in one of those open eyes moonrise will find me
until then
the pitch gathers speed by not moving,
I saw something move!

Wow, it's really not moving now!
I've never seen something move so fast
I stay still
a deer moves

light years consume me in black envelop
I disappear
the horizon is raining

ever hear the night when you shut your eyes
to the waves dripping with rain?
it's crazy
it's a lazy, a late lazy rain

the moon is on jellyfish treadmill
dancing skip lazy

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