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she is in black onna white chair facing green mountain and white cow
i am in white onna white chair facing her facing mountain
white butterflies white cow and brown bull a black
and white pattern in the green grass in front of her in front of me

seems like i could see the world
thru her eyes i could see mountain and cow she sees
and past mountain over ocean she sees
and all pigment of natural sky and chemical skin
all canvas at foot beckoning steps and line
all gesture past hand and fingernail she sees
all bone beyond wood
all full moon escapades
clear night's bluegreen attack on black
Big Dipper's steady wash over black and white seas
all see she sees

seems i could sway my tail to Roman holidays
composed of floating violin plucks red orchestra plays crimson sky
neighborhood dog in brown invades my try seems
a shack catching sun onna mountainside rips the heart out of sky
showers out bluegrey Chagalls' flying white goats of horn
passing terra cotta sky seems if i try
i could see all she sees

but all i see
is black on white with green surrounding her
surrounding me