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Animals migrate in peripheral inversion–avoiding each other
without looking, arriving at their place
in a maturity of motion–an understanding of stoppage

In a yard of many humans
animals will gravitate towards similar patterns
what allows similarity–a similar human

The littlest one will appear through legs
through longer limbs the little ones swim–inna courtyard
of little boys, little girls will wait for a few years

Before smacking who allows to be smacked–sea gulls
will wait for the rise of tides and sleep, floating on what waves
allow themselves to be crashed–babies will run

As fast as they can, away from what allows them
freedom–in ancient courtyards freedom is as fast
as little boys can travel, in a field of sunflowers

The arc of the sun is where their faces follow–in a migration
of children, the ones who run outnumber
the ones who watch–seeing, being what animals

growing into–children being
what adults grow into–boys being
as animal as boys