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Dirty peepod-you
I dare, noise?
     glisten to the chingpot, nickel-pock'd face-boy
          yearly deposits
               MC Hemo, checks out the globe ;

popped repition; itit-left out the zitit, what I didit
Was that I'm happy; to code-ify all lunchards, with a...

     damn; don't; dare I noise-360 sneakers

Ready, for-not braggards ; but grodards-about to get
grow'ded ;
     appeared to me, inna 'piphany; m'masn...can you
     Count'n?; definite numeral dissn'-
                         what I didn't suss
was innervention;
               Down home, where ohm boys
                chant radioworms-lettracize;
rip up the set up
let your size; trip the rip up-itit again; the R; mogul to the I

See...the best place for gougers; on the web, lest you
dirty noise; damn fire spasm-
                contemplative noser

MC SomethingMustaDiedInHere; checks out the skank
offay the chokay-what a child in charge; will do with emotion?;

DJ Dot DoubleYou DoubleYou DoubleYou DoubleYou DoubleYou
DoubleYou DoubleYou, oh...well, wassa double play, anyway;
               Metallic summer-'Volution; gore-volute.
          brilliant strikeout for the skank
     once mentioned already;
               Show'd up I did; can you count?
                    Let the set, jet the ret up!
          Sed the hed, ready for the get up!