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I was told about the elephant and his million hands
By a mouse on the streets of Ave. A
In the falafel shop that sells veggie burgers
And vegan water a hole-in-the-wall with incense
And cranberry waffles I was told
Over a bowl of carrot-ginger soup that the mouse
Never sleeps afraid of being taken
By one of the elephant's million hands
Whose trunk was a dispatched stretch of road
Along America's highway whose wrinkled skin made mine
Much cleaner who changed shape in mid-sleep
Over an herbal tonic and muffalatta stew on 7th Street
Where the 20-Something stench greets the morning rush
With an all-night fix the mouse
Without a voice told me she was scared of sleeping and would I
Visit her dreamlife to help would I have room inside
For an elephant's million wrinkles
Could I sweep away a corner in my dreamlife
For a second of a hiway's burnout
Over decaf soy cheese and humous napkins
Could I give her mouse world another chance without talking
She said this as I saw in her one good eye
A million reflections gently growing hands
While on my way to work