Here we are at Brainlingo, may you trip the site fantastic! How is today different than any other day? Just ask the soldier fighting your cause! Unless you haven't asked anyone.

April right around the corner and the lamb has turned lion again. Spring is coming, change is shooting in the air overhead, poetry saves me from self-fullfilled prophecy as I join my people on the streets of New York in a hapless attempt at solidarity against the idiot from Texas where a village is missing its savant.

Best protest signs I've seen: on a t-shirt hugging a tight body: "Fermez La Bush" ... "We Have Seen The Enemy, And It Is U.S." ... "Forgive Us World, We Are Being Controled By A Mental Deficient" ... visit the website, for over 11,000 poems with healing powers.

that's it for now,
be well, enjoy the site and when you're done

remember to step away from the screen...
find an open window...
and give your brain a rest