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Sound is a rich field for me, I love playing in a studio with multi-tracking and overdubs. It's a way to capture the organic mood shifts which interest me in performance. These are some tracks I've done which don't fit into CDs or compilations I've been part of…so I thought I'd put them on this site as web-only downloads.

1. Cult'Yeah (betabox mix)(2:38)    
produced by DJ un caddie renversé dans l'herbe // Barcelona, Spain
A Barcelona-based DJ who I met during a sound performance at a museum in Barcelona. Playing a CD with poets I knew I sat down, happy to hear familiar voices. I introduced myself and we recorded poems and vocal pieces within a few weeks. He took some of my phonetic sound snippets to make this groovy track.

2. Mister Hay's Trippy Moebius (1:58)    
with Sean G. Meehan on drumset //
recorded at Gravelvoice Studios, Seattle, WA
I've worked with Sean for many years, so by now we have this unspoken language where we anticipate each other's movements. This is an improv from the Bingo Nihilist sessions.

3. Ta Kill Th' TV (4:18)    
produced by Fred Stesney and me // NYC, NY
recorded at his recording studio
Andy and Gomer have been watching a bit too much television, as Aunt Bee cleans house and little Oprey learns about life. Absurdist radio theater with a sitcom edge…and a million sound effects…and… I won't say anything else about it!

4. Percuto Tres (4:22)    
produced by DJ un caddie renversé dans l'herbe // Barcelona, Spain
Using a love poem I recorded for him (Is Erotilove I.E. Evolitore) he created this exploration of percussion in three parts: electronic-acoustic-vocal.

5. Meat (2:36)    
produced by me // Twist Studios, NYC
One of my first studio tracks where I mixed my various cassette sounds together. The result is trippy-psychedlic-feed-core.

6. Liberal Besté (4:04)    
with the band Crunchberry Smoke // 4-track mix by me
This is music recorded in an office where the band (minus one member) was goofing around and then came upon this beautiful waltz…the poem was added later and amazingly fits perfectly with the various stops and starts in the music. Paul Opperman guitar, Fred Stesney bass, me on keyboards.

Space Mouse Meets The Shock Worker
These are tracks from a studio rehearsal with Space Mouse, a noise band in NYC who play only improvised sessions and are always fascinating and unpredictable. I was this character Shock Worker who uses tape recorder, CD manipulation and general distortion to contribute. This rehearsal and its recording came out particularly good, here's 4 songs out of 21 we did that night.
1. Cheater (3:26)    
2. Hitchcock's Garden (2:24)    
3. Channel Shock (2:36)    
4. Dean Martin's Liver (0:51)    

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