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Lung Poetry
w/Photographs by Luigi Cazzaniga

Merry Fortune/Cover Magazine, Volume 9 No.1
True performance comes from the belly of the oral tradition - gesture, drama, voice - and hopefully all well-used without sacrificing the page. Torres is a wholly-present being, a true artist expressing himself with a prerequisite fearlessness of body and mind in flight, creation for the sake of it, the use of self as instrument to reveal experience as universal and immediate.

Often inventing words for sound and surprise, Torres does not shy away from the idiosyncrasies of character, least of all his own. And there is a fearlessness of the romantic as well as the technical possibilities of language. The stuff is positively audience-participation- friendly. It satisfies the grey-matter in the same way Ornette Coleman does. It looks good too, Cazzaniga's abstract photographs are sharply married to the text. Overall it is thoroughly attitudinal:

     The child gives way to frenzy.
     Apologizes for what's not his.
     A tree.
     A house.
     Tall legless martyred bops and ottoms...
     grey-black to whites
     assuming clarity while yet fuzzy,
     frenzy is home to cute.


It is commendable that the work reveals an awareness of roots/race/nationality/class/sexuality/culture and the total being without vying for the victim-of-the-minute-award or opting for easy trademark clichés. It is also wholly apparent that most, if not all of the inspiration for this work, has been drawn from the practiced art of loving and caring for another human being. It takes a sense of serious play, a consistent and steady pen, and a clear mind with a big brain in it to produce this kind of work. And real balls to talk of real love.

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