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Onomalingua: noise songs and poetry
Rattapallax Press
eBook for Adobe Acrobat (890 KB)
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Written/designed by E. Torres
One of my graphic and poetic inspirations is Futurism. Both the Italian and Russian Futurists created work (ca.1915-1935) which, in its spontanaeity and fantastic invention, is among the most innovative art ever conceived, an anarchy as timeless now as then. Futurism is my entry point to poetry, I discovered what writing could do while exploring Futurist Typography.

Onomalingua: noise songs and poetry uses Futurism as a launchpad: containing poems meant to be read outloud, shouted, sung, whispered-noise is the king of Onomalingua. Its been designed with each page acting as a visual score of sorts. The typography and graphics, however, are rooted in an older aesthetic-there's more an appearance of hand-work than there is computer-work…in an effort to keep faithful to Futurist's old futurism.

During that era, along with metal and machinery, the molding of plastic represented the future. Lettering became plastic, the Futurists were no longer content with confining the role of typography to being a mere catalyst for information, it became a visual representation of information itself. Typography exploded, manifestos were written, ideas took form and the future was movement.

Futurism is a fascinating way to explore positive/negative space. To use space as time-as a metaphor for progress. The evolution of process, how an idea evolves-is something that runs through my work, ever since discovering the utopian idealism of the Futurists.

I thought the eBook format would be ideal for Onomalingua, as a place for poems I'd written which were performance-oriented or based on oral tradition. Continuity in an eBook is different than a print book, each page must live on its own, and the use of more than one color helps guide each poem to its 'heard' voice. The pages are primarily designed for a 6" x 9" Rocket eBook Reader which can hold over a hundred titles. There are also MS.Word all-text versions for Palm Pilot eBooks and others.

98 pages = 54 poems + 7 pages of noise

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