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Of The Shock Worker

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> Onomalingua:
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> I Hear Things People
Haven't Really Said

> POeP!

eJournal Of Innovative Poetry

Rattapallax Press

The name PoeP! is inspired by Russian constructivist artist El Lissitsky who created paintings called prouns. Prouns integrate architecture with graphic design and are derived from the words PROaktivst UNkn, which means 'seeing the now in space.' POeP! similarly uses a hybrid of the words 'POem' and 'Ethernet Protocol.' It means seeing the now in space by combining poetry and technology. But it's also the sound of a poem being POPPED! into life.

POeP! is one of the first eBook literary journals dedicated to innovative poetry. Edwin Torres is the series editor and designer, each issue has a guest editor. Brian Kim Stefans is co-editor of the forthcoming Issue #2.

WRITERS: Rosa Alcala, Elena Alexander, Kostas Anagnopoulos, Bruce Andrews, Anselm Berrigan, Gina Bonati, Andrea Brady, David Cameron, Elizabeth Castagna, Todd Colby, John Coletti, CA Conrad, Robert Creeley, James Shubinski Davids, Tom Devaney, Marcella Durand, Betsy Fagin, Tonya Foster, Alan Gilbert, Bob Holman, Bill Kushner, Denise LaCongo, Rachel Levitsky, Michael Magee, Pattie McCarthy, Sharon Mesmer, Carol Mirakove, Fred Moten, Hoa Nguyen, Alice Notley, Matthew Rose, Mariana Ruiz-Firmat, Andrew Schelling, Lytle Shaw, Ron Silliman, Sally Silvers, Paul Skiff, Juliana Spahr, Erik Sweet, Edwin Torres, David Trinidad, Jeffrey Conway, Lynn Crosbie, Mike Tyler, Dana Ward, Karen Weiser, Yolanda Wisher, Emanuel Xavier, Emily XYZ, John Yau & Lila Zemborain.
ARTISTS: Elizabeth Castagna, Pete Kelly, Tracy McGuinness, Linda Obuchoska, Karen J. Revis & Matthew Rose; cover by Matthew Rose.

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